Addiction Recovery Support for Professional Women

Did you go from functioning at a high level to not functioning very well at all? The disease of addiction does not discriminate; every human being is vulnerable to this potentially fatal disease. Each person’s experience with addiction is very personal, as is their approach to recovery, and the process of recovery is complicated and never guaranteed. Why it may be difficult to seek help In today’s society, biological and […]

How are you dealing with retirement?

Are changes in your life presenting new challenges you feel unprepared for? Do you feel unhappy or unsettled as your life transitions into the next chapter of retirement? What does retirement mean to you? The concept of life after work is a new reality that many are unprepared for.  Retirement is a period of time that is often referred to as the Golden Years. Many people joyfully anticipate life after […]

Why Self-Awareness Matters for the Life You Want

Self-awareness has been deemed one of the biggest indicators of success in life. In fact, a failure to acknowledge and comprehend what’s truly going on inside of you can shape your future unlike anything else. When you set life goals, make big plans, or aim to become your best self, it’s all in vain without self-awareness. In short, self-awareness matters. If you’re like most people, you have a specific picture […]

How Resilient Couples Build Successful Relationships – 5 Keys

Do you wonder if your relationship has what it takes to be a successful relationship? Some have stopped believing that a romantic relationship can make it “till death.” After all, divorce rates have skyrocketed and breakups are as common as the corner cafe being sold out of cinnamon bagels. Here’s the thing, even the bagel-less corner cafe has it all wrong when it plays those songs about love being all […]

5 Keys to Dealing with Life Transitions in a Healthy Way

Whether you’re constantly breaking in a new home or have lived in the same one for a decade, life transitions happen. And not just in the form of relocating. A life transition could be changing jobs, a relationship status shift, or any type of big transition that greatly impacts your life. Despite the modern world constantly evolving, life transitions can still be difficult to navigate. Not only can these times […]

Is It Depression? – 6 Signs Therapists Look For

Experiencing negative thoughts or feelings might prompt you to ask yourself, “Is it depression?” After all, depression is notorious for painting a listless shade over life in general. As it goes, there are numerous depression symptoms ranging from sadness to suicidal thoughts. Each person’s symptoms are as unique as that person. When asking if it’s depression or just a few bad days, therapists do look for very specific signs. But […]

Emotionally Focused Therapy: What Exactly Is It? And How Can It Help You?

In an intimate relationship, there are two main focuses. The first is to maintain the connection, and the second is to manage the conflict. Neither can be accomplished without you having some sort of deep attachment to your partner. Time, stress, and responsibilities all have a tendency to chip away at this attachment. Reclaiming your closeness with your partner can prove to be difficult. Furthermore, this relationship challenge isn’t only reserved […]

Life After Rehab: 3 Effective Strategies to Maintain Sobriety

It’s inviting to think you have the chance to live a substance-free life. Especially after struggling with addiction for any length of time. One huge challenge is in knowing how to maintain sobriety after exiting the supportive walls of rehab. While recovery doesn’t end after rehab, your established rehab routine undoubtedly will. Being able to navigate life outside of rehab, avoid risky situations, and maintain sobriety can become an overwhelming endeavor. […]

Substance Abuse Recovery: How Personal and Social Barriers Impact Professionals

Substance abuse does not discriminate nor does it show respect to anyone. It can and will destroy the lives of both men and women. When dealing with substance abuse and addiction, it is said that there are no special people. Rich or poor, educated or not, employed or unemployed. Addiction will seize the opportunity to destroy the lives of any person. Each person that battles with addiction must devise a plan […]

Life After Rehab: Challenges to Maintaining Sobriety

Life after rehab is not usually what people expect. It feels good to have undergone a life-changing experience such as sobriety. But after exiting the doors of a rehab center, how do you hold tight to your newly changed life? People who’ve never experienced addiction often think that life after rehab is a walk in the park. You sober up and life is automatically like every other person’s life, right? […]