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Rebecca Klasfeld, LCSW Mind-Body Therapy Boca Raton FLALooking for a New Therapy Approach That Can Help You Feel Connected to Your Whole Self?

Do you feel stuck, directionless or defeated? Does it seem as though you are holding yourself back or losing your sense of self-worth? Perhaps you are struggling with anxiety, depression and/or addiction, and you are looking for lasting healing and relief. You may be facing a significant life transition, such as a move, the end of a relationship or a career shift, and wonder how you can cope with the challenges that come with change. Maybe self-doubt and low self-esteem are weighing you down and causing you to feel helpless, hopeless and overwhelmed. Are you thinking about therapy but wondering if an office setting is right for you? Do you wish could find an alternative to traditional therapy that can help you overcome challenges, try something different and fully engage in a therapeutic experience that invigorates heart, body and mind?

Traditional talk therapy, conducted in an office, is not right for everyone. Maybe you have tried therapy before but found that you couldn’t gain a new perspective on your situation. Perhaps sitting in an office with another person makes you feel claustrophobic, analyzed or judged. Or, you may generally like a comfortable office setting but sometimes feel restless and stalled when sitting in a chair. You might want to try a different path toward wellness and relief.

Many People Want More Out of Their Therapy Sessions

It’s very common to have doubts or anxieties about starting therapy, whether you are trying it for the first time or beginning again after working with a therapist for years. While perceptions are changing in our culture, there is sometimes still a stigma attached to therapy that can make people wonder if it really works or if they are weak or broken for seeking help. If you have heard negative things about traditional therapy, have been dissatisfied with experiences in the past or simply feel uncomfortable with the idea of sitting and talking about your thoughts and feelings, you may wonder if there is another option or a mind-body therapy that can benefit your full self. Regardless of what you are going through in your life, walk and talk therapy can give you the opportunity to work through your issues and make strides – both literal and metaphorical – toward creating the life you want.

Walking and Talking in Mind-Body Therapy Can Help You Feel Unstuck and Energized

If you are feeling low and alienated from yourself and others, walk and talk therapy can offer you the opportunity to put your life back in motion. Just as you would in traditional sessions, you can develop the tools you need to rediscover your values, cope with daily challenges and break free from self-defeating thoughts. You can feel more in touch with the vibrancy in your body and gain a fresh perspective on your role in the world. Therapy can offer you support and encouragement as you discover your path.

Mind-body therapy has many unique benefits. Walking outdoors can represent a physical manifestation of the mental and emotional growth you are striving toward. Proven research shows that exercise can combat depression, anxiety, insomnia and other health concerns. Walk and talk therapy offers light exercise that is appropriate for all skill levels. By simply putting your body in motion, you will be releasing endorphins and getting your blood flowing, which can often allow access to new creative solutions and perspectives. Sometimes, the pace of our steps can be indicative of the pace of our emotions and thoughts. For example, if you are struggling with anxiety, you may walk quickly ahead and, without realizing it, miss what is going on around you in the present moment. I will help you discover your own healthy pace, one that can complement the unique rhythm in your life. As we walk side by side, you can allow conversation to flow naturally, along with our steps. 

If you and I agree that walk and talk therapy is right for you, we will meet at a nearby outdoor location, such as a park or beach. South Florida has a natural, sunny environment that is very conducive to strolling outdoors. Our environment can serve as a useful therapeutic tool. You can enjoy the benefits of fresh air and feel renewed by needed exposure to Vitamin D, which is known to improve moods and energy levels. You might find that observing and engaging with the natural world around you leads to new discoveries of who you are and what you want out of life. During sessions, you can embrace opportunities to try a new path, turn a new corner and explore what it feels like to walk forward on your own.

You can feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. Walk and talk therapy can lead to an improved mood, more creative thinking and a healthier body. These benefits can extend into every area of your life, no matter what challenges or obstacles are in your way. In sessions, I will ask you what you want most out of life and then help you develop the tools you need to get there. With the right mind-body therapy approach, it is possible for you to get unstuck and build your best life.


You may believe that walk and talk therapy can help you feel more creative and empowered, but still have questions or concerns…


If we are walking outside, won’t people hearing me talking about private things?

When you and I take our sessions outside, we will just be two people walking in a public place. No one around us will know that we are holding a therapy session. Protecting your privacy is incredibly important, and I take confidentiality very seriously. If you feel uncomfortable discussing a particular topic outside, we can always hold some sessions in my office.

I’m not in good shape and worry that I can’t do this.

A huge component of therapy is finding ways to overcome self-defeating thoughts. You can do this. Walk and talk therapy is appropriate for all fitness levels, and I will follow your pace. I encourage you to be patient with yourself and to grant yourself the chance to try something new.

What if I become very emotional in a public place?

In all aspects of life, sometimes, unexpected things happen. Mind-body therapy can help you learn how to address challenging emotions and cope with difficult situations. If our sessions lead to some strong emotions, you and I can work together to adapt. We can take a seat on a park bench or under a tree. Figuring out the best way to respond to the unexpected is a part of the healing process. You don’t have to worry about the opinions of strangers. I offer nonjudgmental support and can help you develop the internal resiliency you need to break free from shame, self-doubt and intrusive worry.

If you are ready to make positive changes in your life and want to try a new kind of mind-body therapy, I invite you to call 561-441-9933 for a free phone consultation. I am happy to answer any questions about walk and talk therapy and my practice.

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